• that time when i met @freakyfranz - somewhere in 2011 i went to DJ this daytime street party in ohio where they shut down a whole block and i played pretty much whatever i wanted. i forget what it was for but it was wild and i didn’t know a single person there, but the party went off. a couple of kids were standing near the stage and when i was done they asked me if i wanted to come play this trap party, new wave trap wasn’t really a thing yet, this was big tymers and bone crusher and UGK and goodie mob and no limit, stuff like that. i think it was one of the top 10 most raddest parties i ever played and i’ve been friends with franz and CJ ever since. later on i learned about his band @turnstiletribe and his ability to rap, which is ill, but first and foremost i will always remember that day in ohio and those kids who are, to this day, some of the coolest people i ever met.

  • this is @hondurasband at elvis’ guest house, 85 avenue a - look this band up, get in to them, they are rad bros, you’ll dig them

  • lately i’ve been listening to @theused and it brought back a myriad of memories - i remember sleeping in the bay of the bus during the summer, being woken up by billy martin who was rushing off to see these dudes as they opened the warped tour, first band of the day spot. it was noon, already 90 degrees outside, daily activities consisted of trying to recover from hijinks of the night before while seeing every band possible until the sun went down and the temperature dropped so all of the bands gather together to party once more. i remember seeing the used for the first time, having never heard the record and thinking bert was like kurt cobain in cutoff shorts and running shoes, he jumped around like iggy pop and the guitars felt like refused with the pinch harmonics of a metal band, and brandon hit so hard, it was raw power. i didn’t know any of the names of the songs, i just remember my brother leaning over to tell me that john feldmann had produced their record, we’re huge fans of him so i knew this was just gonna be my favorite new band. the record had been out a couple weeks, but back then there wasn’t really a big i-tunes component to music releases and we didn’t listen to music on our phones…i’m pretty sure we didn’t even have cell phones.

    i remember waking up every day to see the guys and the crowd on stage grew as their set times got later and later, because the word of their performances just spread, these guys were going for it every day like their lives depended on it. bert would climb on things, kiss quinn, throw up, do standing flips…all while the band sounded tight and seemed to have more fun than anyone else. i remember returning home to d.c. where i was working at the 9:30 club and telling everyone about this crazy rad band. i had been living with no hot water for some months but it didn’t matter because there was a boom box in my bathroom where i’d play rancid, and now the used, and just take screaming-growling freezing showers. the band came through town a bunch and before long they were playing multiple nights, sold out shows, they were everyone’s favorite no matter what neighborhood of rock music you came from.

    the twins band had been touring non-stop in support of their their first record, only really stopping home for 2 or 3 days at a time, and the only time we got to hang out was if i went out to hang with them on the road. the guys had put out their first record and while we thought it was doing great, by label standards it wasn’t performing. they made a record that would come out in the fall, we had no idea what the result of TY&TH would be, but on the warped tour all the bands seemed to be cool with the new tunes. something changed though. i don’t really know what happened but somewhere all kinds of good stuff happened and all these bands that emerged from that time, bands i kinda felt like i knew…they all scattered. i don’t know exactly what happened, i guess everyone did their thing and went different ways.

    i’m not sure what compelled me to put on this record the other day, but when i did thoughts of my friend “little josh” who is now gone and so many memories of my friend “big josh” who is also gone, flooded my mind. thoughts of that summer on the bus, and in the dust of america, fill my mind when i listen to this bunch of songs. so many people, i could take time and name them all. there was little brother max murder, kicking in his bunk with nightmares, and a sweet little dude named sonny who talked a mile and minute about his band from first to last and seems to be built entirely of love. there are people who are now gone and ones who ended up sorta fading away. i don’t really know what made me to write all of this except for the fact that memories don’t seem real unless we talk about them and i don’t ever want to forget any of it. i’m so grateful for those times and i’m grateful for so many records that help me recall every little detail of the past, times both good and bad. wherever the used dudes are, i love you guys, i’ll listen to your records and always have the best memories of riding to philli and new york with “big josh” to see you play kick it with you guys. i don’t know where you are or what’s happened in the last dozen years, but i hope you’re well.