• Discovering Amy



    Josh Madden remembers the day his snobbiest of music snob friends put him on to Amy Winehouse

    It was 2007 during our yearly pilgrimage to the music Mecca that is SXSW and all of the the industry was in Austin, griping and hyping about the latest artists “you haven’t heard?” yet. The method and the madness that is seeing everything the world would worship and crucify for the next year, consists of begging a dozen people to get on a list, waiting in an hour long line, then watching artists perform, and pretending that you aren’t impressed. There isn’t a moment silence for two whole weeks and no matter how loud the band plays, it still sounds like a radio in between stations, as screams and solos echo from either side of every venue. It’s a grueling ceremony I wouldn’t wish on anyone, especially an artist doing something original…most definitely not a young blues singer.

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