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    got to see @r.barbee jamm out at #incasefairfax last night…met young legend @toddglaser, saw the new @kellyslater collaboration and got to hang with @goincase team - good times (at Known Gallery)

  • Discovering Amy



    Josh Madden remembers the day his snobbiest of music snob friends put him on to Amy Winehouse

    It was 2007 during our yearly pilgrimage to the music Mecca that is SXSW and all of the the industry was in Austin, griping and hyping about the latest artists “you haven’t heard?” yet. The method and the madness that is seeing everything the world would worship and crucify for the next year, consists of begging a dozen people to get on a list, waiting in an hour long line, then watching artists perform, and pretending that you aren’t impressed. There isn’t a moment silence for two whole weeks and no matter how loud the band plays, it still sounds like a radio in between stations, as screams and solos echo from either side of every venue. It’s a grueling ceremony I wouldn’t wish on anyone, especially an artist doing something original…most definitely not a young blues singer.

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  • throwback thursday - my favorite band of all time

    i think this was the 2nd show for these guys (billy wasn’t in the band yet). one brother is wearing my beasties t and green converse one stars and the other is wearing my luscious jackson t and black one stars. i guess i have been a stylist for 20 years now…thruth is these guys have been setting sonic and style trends since way before that time.

    i’m real nostalgic for these moments sometimes because, in my opinion, we were overthinking this stuff way to much, often stressed out and worried about the outcome of each situation. this whole thing was a means of survival and i personally think that as time went on we took other people’s opnions into way to much consideration. there are times when it can seem like “the world is ending” or “everything is riding on this.” i can only speak for myself, but i will say that life is more fun when you don’t care about what people think or say. it’s difficult in the current state of the world, with everyone sharing everything, and then everyone else shouting their opinion on it.

    i won’t ever demonize the internet, never that. i won’t ever censor anyone or rob them of their opinion…but more and more i choose to refer only to my heart and the facts i’m sure of when i communicate. i’m not gonna hide how happy i am or how much i like something because it might feel corny. it took me a long time to get these moments of happiness, i haven’t thought about suicide in a while and that’s huge…i only wish everyone on the planet could feel this way.

    as per usual, none of this is rehearsed or with a purpose, i just saw this picture and it made me remember hard times, that shoulda been more fun. i guess i wrote this to whoever is out there going through a hard time, maybe we can stop and consider one fun moment, even on the worst struggle days. i still struggle, don’t get it twisted, but today i know that looking back fondly can’t compare to realizing beauty in the moment.

    i love my brothers (and you too sarah!) and our friends, i tell them every day. i only wish i woulda been doing this every day for the last 20 years, celebrating all these times. please find some happiness in the moments today, the memories are great, but nothing compares to living in the moment.