There’s an old adage, “Jack of all trades, King of nothing.” Whoever coined that phrase must not have known Josh Madden.

Born into the humblest of beginnings, the eldest of four siblings, Josh spent his formative years in Maryland listening to, learning about, and absorbing music, style, culture, and the arts every way he could.

The first time you heard the last name Madden was probably when his younger twin brothers’ band, Good Charlotte, exploded onto the punk/pop scene in the early 2000’s. What you probably don’t know is that their older brother, Josh, was behind the scenes, styling, writing, curating, and working alongside their band-in addition to working in the marketing department at their record label, Epic Records.

After graduating with a degree in Marketing/Economics in the year 2000, Josh left North Carolina to return to Washington, D.C. and founded MADE–a wildly popular clothing company. By 2003 Josh found himself in the famed offices of Sean John and Rocawear with such cultural icons as P. Diddy and Damon Dash to discuss all things streetwear. But alas, feeling that he had taken the company as far as it could go, Madden moved on to a more musical path.

Feeling the need to create sonically, Josh started DJing in New York City-almost accidentally. He filled in for Sarah Lewitinn (UltraGrrrl) for a few moments one night while she was DJing and he was hooked. Lucky for Josh, so was the crowd.

This took him to a whole new environment where he experienced the high profile lifestyle firsthand, performing at Sundance, award show after parties, and New York, Paris, and London Fashion Week shows and events. Josh has also been known to back live performances for rappers as well.

Josh honed his newfound skills night after night in clubs all over the world, but he missed the cultural aspect of creating with fashion and so he did what most people don’t do, and he decided to embrace everything. From DJing world famous parties one night, to styling look book and global campaigns for brands like Ben Sherman, Kangol, and Timberland the next day- Madden has proved that it is indeed possible to do it all- and do it well.

In addition to being a sultan of all things sonic and a cultural style maven, Josh lends his talents to creating remixes for artists like 50 Cent and Justin Timberlake, curating a series of digital mix-tapes in association with NYLON Magazine, contributing regularly to PAPER Magazine, as well as programming and hosting a weekly radio show that boasts a listenership just shy of 100,000. And while we’re talking numbers, some have called his 45,000 plus Twitter followers an army, ready to take action and follow whatever artistic direction Josh provides.

Josh Madden is available for brand leadership, sonic exploitation, artistic representation, and any combination thereof.